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New Hampshire Debate Breakdown | 8th Democratic Debate | QT Politics

Информация о видео New Hampshire Debate Breakdown | 8th Democratic Debate | QT Politics

Название :  New Hampshire Debate Breakdown | 8th Democratic Debate | QT Politics
Продолжительность :   03:01:39
Пользователь :  id 735758238582
Дата публикации :   20200224
Просмотры :   40 тыс. просмотров
Понравилось :   1,420
Не понравилось :   60

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Absolutely hilarious

Комментарий от : AudileDerp2

Colin Fergerson
Personally, I would describe myself politically as being almost fascist, yet, to me, I wholeheartedly support Sanders. To me, he is the only candidate in the race with a heart truly for all Americans, who’s still in touch with the impoverished kid from Brooklyn, and economically I mean he’s totally in line with my beliefs, as well as foreign policy
Комментарий от : Colin Fergerson

13:54 I see your John Lennon reference ;)
Комментарий от : Delphic

Tony Johansson
I must say that Klobuchar would be a great vice president. She's solid and honest. But Sanders is getting more and more presidential. He can beat Trump...
Комментарий от : Tony Johansson

Robert Cohn
32:39 Aw yes, my favorite flavor of juul pod, cool nucumber
Комментарий от : Robert Cohn

Michael Kelly
Joe Biden's smile makes him look like he's wearing a Halloween mask of his own face.
Комментарий от : Michael Kelly

Knockoff Media
Bernie holding his hand up on Biden like "Hold up... the fuck did you say?"
Комментарий от : Knockoff Media

Jaime Aguilar
A gay man trying to get evangelical votes? Oh ok.
Комментарий от : Jaime Aguilar

Who is this kid?
Got a Bloomberg ad in the middle of the video
Комментарий от : Who is this kid?

Hampus Andersson
After Delaney dropped out Steyer is truly the biggest meme on the stage
Комментарий от : Hampus Andersson

Charlie Dawson
I want Tom Steyer to be my Dad.
Комментарий от : Charlie Dawson

So glad i found this channel interesting takes
Комментарий от : Beepboopbeep

To call Pete a Veteran for having a 6 month photo op is like calling me a Mountain Climber for taking a lift up a hill
Комментарий от : niofalpha

Hey I just wanted to say great video once again, regular consumer of your content. However, I would say that this video seemed a little more biased than your previous ones. Not that you were purposely misleading persay, but typically you have a much more objective view of these debates and it seems you were a bit more subjective this time around. Just something I would watch out for, can’t wait till the next vid!
Комментарий от : KingJayHil

You've become pretentious
Комментарий от : StellarInferno

Everyone is talking about Delaney, but why isn't there any talk about the Bennet Boys and Patrick Power?

Ether way, I can't wait to see what Bloomberg has in store...

Комментарий от : L T

Eric McIntosh
pete buttigeig is the candidate of the LGBTCIA.
Комментарий от : Eric McIntosh

New Runrocks26
Steyer for president (; XD
Комментарий от : New Runrocks26

Juan Diego Alvarado Karste
Damn, Bernie is smart! Notice how he redirects Bloomberg’s criticism towards Pete Buttigieg. What he is doing here is associating Bloomberg with Pete, uniting them under the brand of the “billionaires”. This is an amazing move. Bloomberg is helping to divide the democratic-conservative vote. My guess is that in the end it will be Bernie va. Bloomberg, and in that debate, Bernie can eat him alive.

That said, not going after Bloomberg is also risky. The guy is a conservative with a lot of money. In the event of Bernie losing, we will end up with a conservative and a racist as the two only options. Something that will shape American politics and move it even more to the right!

Комментарий от : Juan Diego Alvarado Karste

imagine not disavowing racism hahaha this post was made by the tom steyer gang
Комментарий от : hpoti

tom steyer is the biggest bernie fan on that stage
Комментарий от : hpoti

Prometheus Hippopotimi
i like steyer. i wish it was him instead of pete
Комментарий от : Prometheus Hippopotimi

Gary Bary
I 100% disagree with your view of Amy Klobuchar and Pete buttigieg. They had a very good debate. It especially shows in the polls. In 2016, Bernie won New Hampshire by a large amount. This year he only won it by 2%. Simply speaking, obviously the moderates did something different since more people voted moderate then "socialist". Please also make a video about New Hampshire's voter demographics. www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/politics/exit-polls-2020-new-hampshire-primary/
Комментарий от : Gary Bary

Jonah Hillman
Even QT didn't expect the Klobusurge
Комментарий от : Jonah Hillman

Can you make a video debriefing the Yang candidacy?
Комментарий от : 95InTheShade

Viva Revolution
Hi @Question Time,can you explain why Amy Klobuchar got third place in New Hampshire,with this debate performance,i was stunned with her 3rd place placing in New Hampshire
Комментарий от : Viva Revolution

Mobutu Obama
44:32 ehm... As a european, i must say, that sounds like one of the least American things ever actually...
Комментарий от : Mobutu Obama

Puerto Rican
You underestimated Klobuchar’s performance, IMO.
Комментарий от : Puerto Rican

Richard Atkinson
23:00 "Fresh off his victory in Iowa, Pete..." Why on Earth would you perpetuate this vile falsehood in your videos? I thought you were better...
Комментарий от : Richard Atkinson

Tyler Asuncion
38:55 you can’t help but respect yang man, jeez. The field’s worse off without him.
Комментарий от : Tyler Asuncion

Starzone Neo
Even if I’m not copying comments by stating my own opinion, even more this, Steyer truly does end up being that “he shouldn’t be president, but I like him”
Комментарий от : Starzone Neo

Hey, just to let you know, your closed captions are very messed up because they don't account for the sections of videos from the debate itself. Not only do you not include a transcription of that, which isn't very helpful for hoh/deaf folks who rely on captions, but it also means that your section about Steyer appears on screen during the time Yang is talking about UBI. Please fix it!
Комментарий от : RedHillBones

Дмитрий Кудрявцев
31:30 so Klobuchar doesn't matter huh? i guess someone shall change his mind now
Комментарий от : Дмитрий Кудрявцев

Preston Garvey
Bruh not even two minutes and Biden is already getting destroyed
Комментарий от : Preston Garvey

dave kaszycki
So Klobuchar had a not so good debate performance and should drop out. I enjoy your insights sorta like the onion
Комментарий от : dave kaszycki

Grim The Ghastly
🐀🐀🐀 Buttigieg 🐀🐀🐀
Комментарий от : Grim The Ghastly

Miscellaneous Cam
You were EXTREMELY dishonest about Our Revolution. Do better next time.
Комментарий от : Miscellaneous Cam

Joe Barlow
“I’ll do my best to distinguish the best” while he is sucking off Bernie behind the toilet
Комментарий от : Joe Barlow

Hunter Stanek
To me it looks like Klobuchar is doing well in the primary
Комментарий от : Hunter Stanek

Policies Matter!
The rat needs to go away.
Комментарий от : Policies Matter!

Geahk Burchill
Tom Steyer is Ned Flanders is Ned believed in evolution.
Комментарий от : Geahk Burchill

Xavier Buck
Goodbye Andrew Yang... we''ll be here and ready for you in 2024. #YangGang4Life
Комментарий от : Xavier Buck

Michael Cheng
Taiwan threw a previous president in jail for corruption, then his party DPP won and he was let free
Комментарий от : Michael Cheng

Mad Dok
Yang dropped out OMEGALOL, where the yanggangers at
Комментарий от : Mad Dok

Andrew Yang, we appreciate your effort and hard work on the campaign trail. Thanks for working FOR THE PEOPLE.
Комментарий от : GlowingEmber

DPS betkid
Rip Yang’s campaign
Комментарий от : DPS betkid

I left the hood But alas the hood did not leave me
I don’t support Bernie, but dang is he good in debates
Комментарий от : I left the hood But alas the hood did not leave me

Andrew S
The only real contenders here are Biden and Sanders. Everyone else needs to throw their support behind someone and get their head out of the clouds for the sake of bettering the odds of beating Trump.
Комментарий от : Andrew S

Pat McC
Black Caucus lmao
Комментарий от : Pat McC

Potting Soil
Where did all this Steyer support come from?
Комментарий от : Potting Soil

Luke Henry
I unironically believe Warren is more progressive than Bernie bc she has listed exactly what she intends to confront to achieve the progressive agenda. Bernie promising to protest Joe Manchin and promising his base are big enough, active and energised enough to do the legwork required to succeed in that approach is reckless.

Her campaign also highlights the importance of intersectionality more than any other. And has by far the best racial justice and anti corruption policies.

Комментарий от : Luke Henry

Charlie Svestka
Please Remind everyone of your Sanders Bias, as it blatantly apparent, and not being upfront about it seems dishonest as you project yourself as fair and balanced.
Комментарий от : Charlie Svestka

Jayzee Vanpelt
Doesn't it creep anyone out that Tom steyer always looks in the camera and Bobs his head when he talks. It's so strange, it's unsettling!!
Комментарий от : Jayzee Vanpelt

Suzume s
as a gun owning progressive biden really hits the sweetspot of unlikability for me.
Комментарий от : Suzume s

Klobuchar is right, we can't just kick people off their healthcare plans
Комментарий от : Vic

C-ATOM 5723
Tulsi Gabbard and Amy Klobuchar are the ones who can give Trump a scare, the rest of the field probably just won't cut it.
Комментарий от : C-ATOM 5723

Joseph Lawrence
Bernie is a socialist! Why do you support him! You are crazy and I’m praying for you!!!!
Комментарий от : Joseph Lawrence

Steven Foster
I like Tom Steyer. Don't get me wrong, my vote is going to Bernie, but Tom is a good dude.
Комментарий от : Steven Foster

Matei Gheorghiu
You make great analysis and I love to watch your videos! This is probably the only time I would disagree with your view. Buttigieg had a poor performance, and it's not that his answers weren't good, but the hits hit pretty hard and he just seemed overall too rehearsed and fake. Klobuchar just had a good debate overall and and I'm not saying that because others do, it came across as competent and honest. I agree Warren is repeating herself, but so does Sanders; I love Bernie, but he also uses the same arguments over and over again, not that I mind it, but he does. Yang simply did not have a good debate; he only talks about his UBI, he could reaaally try to jump in at different subjects even though the moderators don't ask him; he managed to jump once or twice, he could try more, also considering he needs to be polling better.
Комментарий от : Matei Gheorghiu

Waluigi The Master
My current ranking of how I feel about these 7:
1.) Bernie: the OG progressive, plain and simple.
2.) Yang: I flirted with the Yang Gang for a while, but i didn't see any realistic shot for him to win. Love his fresh ideas though.
3.) Steyer: much like the rest of the comment section, the man has really grown on me. His heart is definitely in the right place. Should he be president? No. But I think he'd be a good cabinet member.
4.) Klobuchar: She's grown on me a bit too. Ive done a bit of research, and in the legislative graveyard of the Senate, she actually can get things done. But I don't like her attack on M4A, saying it would kick off all those people from their insurance.
5.) Warren: Yeah just like you I'm tired of her giving the same stump speech. And it all seems less authentic, considering she was a Republican while Bernie was saying the same stuff, had the same values.
6.) Pete: I still think Pete is an intelligent, charismatic guy. But the inexperience, the spotty record, electability, all of those points are valid.
7.) Biden: Just... why? Y'know, I think Pete's point about how Biden isn't Obama ("neither is he") is quite poignant. Biden's whole narrative is let's bring back the Obama years! You gotta look forward, not back, if you're a presidential candidate.

Комментарий от : Waluigi The Master

Steyers argument about developed throwing their former Presient in jail countries is lame Brazil isn't a developed country like the western (more and less) developed countries

Bernie is wrong about state run health care it will be the biggest post on the federal budget by far that's how the Scandinavian model as he wants is working and it doesn't include eyeglasses and hearing aids directly

Комментарий от : semiretired86

44:08 I don't agree with sanders on much but this is so true and really sad.
Комментарий от : Alex

The Neiman Channel
Klobuchar 2020!!
Комментарий от : The Neiman Channel

DA REAL Johnny Appleseed
Evangical christians aren’t going to vote for a gay dude named peter
Комментарий от : DA REAL Johnny Appleseed

Is that a substantial answer Warren?

Warren: no

Комментарий от : hamymancan

Im still #YangGang, but i couldnt agree more. IMO Yang is weaker in debates, but strongest in town halls. I wanted him to assert himself more with his other policy positions. Otherwise people are not going to take him serious if his solution to everything sounds like $1000.
Комментарий от : lsoS04P

lol hes not polling no 1 anymore for the first time Joe Biden is
Комментарий от : hamymancan

Jake Lemino
"Im kiddinngg, im not kidding"

Комментарий от : Jake Lemino

lofi rainclouds
I feel like Steyer is some kind of meme, like literally the voice of the electorate trying to get these people to understand what they need to do to win. Lol.
Комментарий от : lofi rainclouds

I consider my self to be in the middle but saying trump has been a terrible president is just asinine. He's brought back millions of jobs and saying thats a effect of the obama admistration is just ridiculous seeing as that era ended over 3 years ago. You literally have to be only watching cnn to think trump has been a terrible president. He has the lowest unemployment numbers in US history. Are you a fucking idiot? Trump shouldn't have been impeached the democratic controlled house rampaged and threw up bogus articles there were house members who literally said they have been trying to impeach trump since the election. Obama could have been impeached too obama did worse things like pushing past the congress to pass a medicare bill that was literally unconstitutional and ruined hundreds of americans lives took away their doctors and made it almost impossible to get any kind of healthcare. Trump passed sweeping prison reforms that have targeted african americans and literally pardoned a African American Women for having drug charges. To think trump is racist or even a terrible president makes you a complete fucking moron. Im just a person you will either not see this comment or delete it. Either i don't care your voice is nice and i like listening to it but you're an idiot. Good game im gonna go eat a chicken sandwich now.
Комментарий от : Riley

I feel like this was the first debate where the journalists didn’t interrupt the candidates literally 5secs after they started giving their answer
Комментарий от : Lea

Ani Kayode
Buttigieg is gay so definitely not chipping away at any evangelical base.
Комментарий от : Ani Kayode

Adam Banks
At what point are the democrats just buying votes by giving people free stuff
Комментарий от : Adam Banks

Herman Engebretsen
The picture at 37:40 looks like a mom is trying to shelter Klobuchar from bad words
Комментарий от : Herman Engebretsen

Adam Banks
Yang didn't mess up with his line on imprisoning rivals, Trump wasn't been charged with any crimes.
Комментарий от : Adam Banks

3:55 would just like to point out, that as of writing this comment, NOT ANYMORE, BERNIE HAS TAKEN THE RCP LEAD!!
Комментарий от : Willzoy

Ur berniebro is showing
Комментарий от : Albert

Slightly Favored
Great video as always, very in-depth analysis! I hope Bernie will get the nomitation, he's the best from all democratic candidates (at least he's honest). It'll be very interesting to see him debating Trump. However, in general election Trump is much more likely to win. Democratic party (not Bernie, but others) are behaving themselves terribly in many regards (like Pelosi), so they definitely deserve another crushing defeat. Trump 2020! Four more years!
Комментарий от : Slightly Favored

How does this channel have so little subscribers?
Комментарий от : Pete11377

Mathieu Leader
Tom Steyer seems to be a spiritual successor to Howard Dean
Комментарий от : Mathieu Leader

Mathieu Leader
I also remember that Simpsons episode where the New Hampshire with Springfield and the Republicans and Democrats did a joint campaign for Ralph Wiggum as president.
Комментарий от : Mathieu Leader

I’m black and I’m not voting for Steyer for reparations. It’s too difficult to determine whose black ancestors were slaves in America and whose ancestors immigrated here later on.
Комментарий от : octoberboiy

Frederik Wauterickx
Good use of the word stupid at the end! Well done!
Комментарий от : Frederik Wauterickx

Daniel McEachern
Inb4 Yang's hitting 4th in NH

Also Boooo pete. Lol

Комментарий от : Daniel McEachern

No one cares that there was I a video showing bernie drunk and topless In the ussr in 1988
Комментарий от : the TELLER1

khyre Edwards
ummm Warren and Pete have actually stated that they supported reparations
Комментарий от : khyre Edwards

Adalberto Segueda
Delaniacs rise up
Комментарий от : Adalberto Segueda

I feel like if you throw trump in jail, everytime a new president is elected you will throw them in jail too.
Комментарий от : WillyMacShow

"Let's move on to the candidates who don't matter.... I'm kidding..... I'm not kidding!" In comes Klobucharizard!
Комментарий от : J.J.

khyre Edwards
I actually think that Amy's attack on M4A is the best attacks - we do not have the votes (an issue that can be overcome with a slower transition like Warren has, but its a real issue) what would Sen. Sanders have to give up to get the votes ?
Комментарий от : khyre Edwards

nelson akpor
You guys know that if Bernie's campaign floats vetting Kamala Harris for VP, this resistance bs will be over. The centrists will calm the f* down. I don't know why Bernie is not playing that card. Even if he doesn't pick her just leaking to the media that the Sanders campaign is vetting kamala Harris for VP will be check mate.
Комментарий от : nelson akpor

bobyo hovio
Dat Buttigieg question, Biiiig OOF
Комментарий от : bobyo hovio

Doctor Theomarine
Leftist unity
Комментарий от : Doctor Theomarine

This channel is excellent. Keep up the good work man
Комментарий от : Pentazimyn

Sonia Rhodes
Is it just me or does Question Time’s voice sound just like Casually Explained?
Комментарий от : Sonia Rhodes

I’m so tired of Hillary’s negativity and I’m glad Biden and Klobuchar and smarter and more decent. We need to move past 2016.
Комментарий от : octoberboiy

Biden’s “Bernie won by 20 points last time” was actually a backhanded compliment. If he wins by 2 points now after he won by 20 points against Hillary the media can spin that into a loss. Definitely not propping up Bernie.
Комментарий от : Fed

I think Democrats' political correctness culture is preventing the entire party from discussing electability of a gay man as president in 2020. Is that a showstopper? We better find out soon.
Комментарий от : sfbluestar

Now that JOHN DELANEY is out of the race I'm rooting for TOM STEYER.
Комментарий от : SteliosSeven

Jan Wouter
People give Bernie the same attacklines because he never responds well.
Комментарий от : Jan Wouter

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